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Kat Wood • Twenty • England • ()

› Where in England are you from?
Oxford, in the south.

› How many followers do you have/ blogs do you follow?
Irrelevant, and just under 200.

› Do you follow back?
If I like your blog I will, but you’ll have to get my attention somehow for me to see it.
& I’ll check out anyones blog who asks.

› Can I have your current theme?
If it’s not on my themes page, then i’m probably still working on it. Please don’t ask me for it, I won’t give it to you.

› How did you get these pop out boxes?
I used this website. It is very complicated to do, and it’s also quite hard to explain. I’m currently building a tutorial for my themes page, so bare with me.

* I don’t often come on tumblr anymore, due to full time work, studying and travelling.